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The biggest mistake you can make as an online coach or service provider is waiting for leads to come to you.


Did you know?...

It can take time for people to warm up to you as a trusted expert in your niche. 

Instead of waiting for people to warm up, one of the strategies I implement with my clients is showing them how to utilize Instagram to "pull in" warm and hot leads that are ready to work with you!

I'm spilling the juice on a bunch of practical and useful tips on how I've helped blow up my clients businesses (without needing a heap of followers!).

In this mini course, we'll cover everything from how to create a juicy offer (even if you don't know where to start), understanding how to create converting content so you're speaking to the right people (who actually need, want and can afford your offer!) and how to have conversations that convert into high-ticket sales (hello, recurring income!).

Let me share with you how to hit your first $10K month as a Coach or OSP without needing 'all the things!'

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