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It was late on a Friday evening and I was eating my half cold microwave dinner, after having a less than exciting day at work. I was completely broke, had no savings whatsoever, but I did have a laptop and a dream of building a business that allowed me to travel the world and work when I want, where I want. So, it was now or never and over a half-cold roast beef dish, I wrote my 90 day resignation letter. And that Monday, I gave my notice.

All the hard work and sleepless nights doing the grind to get my side hustle digital marketing agency off the ground began to pay off and within a few months, I was working with businesses of all sizes around the world, from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, USA. It’s still crazy to think that I grew my tiny startup to a 6-figure business in 45 days out of my bedroom!

Hi, I'm Elle - Your Accountability Bestie!

A coastal girl with salty hair and sun-kissed skin. I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey should be just as fun – if not more! – than the destination. 

Oh, and I'm obsessed with banana smoothies and peach daiquiri's

You're a
female online entrepreneur that wants: 




and girl, I got your back! 

Does this sound like you?

You work TIRELESSLY to pitch your dream clients on social media,
and all you hear is 

I know exactly how you feel. I felt the EXACT same way!

It's one of the things the majority of my clients struggle with as well...

I am on a mission to help you reach more clients and give you the accountability you need to win them over without sounding salesy.

Isn't that what biz besties are for?

No more hearing crickets, chica!

I am all about setting people up for success.

So, come be the next success story.

Being brave - "if only you knew how much you could do, you'd achieve incredible things"

Passion - igniting that spark with your heart's desire.

Being bold - getting you out of your comfort zone and taking bold actions to grow

Working smart over working hard

Courage over fear

I believe in building a large female entrepreneurship community that can thrive independently as entrepreneurs and continue to inspire and support one another.  I also believe in:

My passion for helping other female online entrepreneurs thrive is my biggest motivation!

It's not just the freedom and money that puts a smile on my face

my business values

 Quality time with family and friends

presents you with


Gives you the dream work-life balance you deserve


I believe in helping you
 to create a lifestyle that

Explore the world

Allows you to


dedicate to your hobbies

Gives you more free time to


in you

And brings out the best


your own schedule

allows you to be the boss of



"I've legit used your method for 5 minutes and had 2 people that have followed me and msgd me on IG 😂 Wtf, you're amazing.

Mira saw results within minutes of taking action

Success Stories


Maria secured 2 new clients in just 2 weeks! 

"I took your advice and I need to tell you - I signed up 2 clients because of your advice. Thank you Elle."

Success Stories

brand strategist & digital marketer

"I got my FIRST RETAINER CLIENT TODAY! Two actually. ☺️ ☺️ So exciting. And with them, I'm now making $4,500 a month."

Jordan made $4,500 a month after our first call!

Success Stories

digital marketer

"You inspired me to not only raise my prices, but implement a minimum three month contract! I really value our conversation so much and appreciate you taking to time to go over that with me! I think you would be a wonderful asset to anybody who is starting their business!"

Quincie increased her prices and tripled her income after one call!

Success Stories

kind words

tell me more!

Cause I've got all the secrets to go from 0 to hero.

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